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Wells Fargo Expands Mobile Check Deposit to All U.S. Customers


Yesterday, Wells Fargo announced the nationwide expansion of their mobile check deposit service. The feature will be available on both Apple and Android devices. It had previously been available only in select markets across 15 states, where customers deposited over 600,000 checks in less than 6 months using the technology. In their press release, the bank stated:



“Our mobile banking customer base has grown by more than 30% this year alone to more than 9 million customers,” he added. “We attribute this growth to our customers’ adoption of a new mobile lifestyle. Customers increasingly use their mobile devices to complete every-day tasks including managing their finances.”

WF is late to the game

Of the four largest US banks (Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank), Wells Fargo was the last to integrate mobile deposit into their mobile application for all customers. NerdWallet’s overview of mobile banking apps at the top banks and credit unions in the nation shows that many small banks and even some credit unions were more quick to join the mobile deposit game. It’s uncertain what took WF so long to roll out their offering but nevertheless, customers are likely to be excited about the added convenience.

Quick tips for using mobile deposit

Today, customers received a message with further instructions on the use of the new feature. Wells Fargo makes important suggestions of how to handle the check once it has been deposited through the mobile application.

  1. Once completed, write “Mobile deposit on *DATE*” across the front of the check.
  2. Don’t immediately destroy the check. Safely store your it for 5 days after the deposit, just in case there is an error in the process or the original is needed for any reason. After 5 days, and once the funds have been fully deposited into your account, you should destroy the check to help prevent any fraud.

WF also suggests tips for making the mobile deposit process run smoothly. Taking a picture of your check may seem simple, but in order to get an acceptable image with which to work, the bank may not accept a poorly taken photo.

  1. Place the check on a dark, well lit surface to ensure maximum visibility
  2. Make sure to hold your phone DIRECTLY over the check, rather than at an angle, so that all 4 corners of the check are visible within the guide marks.

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  • TribalStyleMarketing

    I’ve done it at least 30 times now & it still won’t work with my new Droid 4. I can clearly read the check in the photos I take & it’s a typed out formal check, not handwritten. I think this app sucks. Reviews in the Play store, & other droid sites also reveal the same thing,

    • Laura Monteros

      Agreed. I tried it twice with the same check (printed, not handwritten) and the little circle thing just kept going until the app timed out. I don’t think it’s that the app didn’t like the photos, it just can’t upload fast enough. I emailed Wells Fargo, and I got back instructions on how to download the app. They couldn’t have even read what I wrote, despite the email being personalized with the responder’s name.

  • Rick Venuto

    Low deposit limits make it not very useful

  • Jake Aust

    Can’t deposit more than $1,000 per day, which makes it useless to me.