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So, Where Do Women Earn More Than Men?

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 1.18.01 PM

According to U.S. Census Data, there are only 16 cities in the nation where women earn more money than men. Here they are:

For more information, check out our study that found the Best Cities for Women in the Workforce. Can you guess which city topped our list? Hint: it’s not who you might expect.

  • Anita Dereen

    YAY!!! I hope this is true, I live in Jacksonville NC

  • Joe Germuska

    So I was just curious about how these numbers relate to other Census statistics, but when I go looking at ACS2012 data, I get different numbers. Using the 1-year release, I get mostly the same cities at the top, but for example, I find Jacksonville, NC’s median income for women to be 34,387 (table B19326). Which table and release did you use to produce this graphic?

  • NerdWallet

    Joe, thanks for the question. The data that we used to create this graphic can be found in table dp03 on the census website.

  • Joe Germuska

    That’s exactly it. Those numbers match up. Thanks!
    (although I find six more cities where the women’s median income is > than the men’s)

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  • jalo12

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