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NerdWallet’s Introduction to the Affordable Care Act

Part 1. Don’t fear death panels – fear the adverse selection death spiral

Part 2. How to win friends (and arguments) by understanding expanded coverage


NerdWallet’s Budget Series

Reynold Strossen is a strategy consultant and fiscal policy expert based in New York City.  He served on the staff of the President’s bipartisan deficit-reduction commission, commonly referred to as Bowles-Simpson, in Washington.  He was educated at the University of Chicago and Harvard.


  • Sam

    PNC Performance and Performance Select fees are also waived if you meet qualifying monthly direct deposit (i.e. employer deposits, etc.) amounts ($2000 for Performance, $5000 for performance select). I have this card along with PNC’s virtual wallet account (which can include performance or performance select), and it has been working well for me.

  • Bob Newman

    Your opening verdict is puzzling. You propose cards that do better, but they have significant downsides such as annual fees, award payouts only annually, or rewards in miles. Depending on your buying patterns, get another card for gas, groceries, and restaurants, but stick with PNC for everything else. I think that’s a winning play.