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NerdWallet’s Top 10 Personal Finance Apps

by on March 1, 2012

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With personal finance apps tailored for every conceivable need and purpose flooding the market, smartphone users have no excuse for losing track of money. Within a single handheld device, you now have access to an entire team of robot analysts and advisors programmed for the sole purpose of keeping your wallet in check. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite finance apps that make money management a little more convenient.



PageOnce is a leading app for paying bills and monitoring account activity. The beauty lies in the simplicity. After linking your accounts, PageOnce packs your information into a standardized, easy-to-read format with intuitive navigation paths. A few quick taps allow you pay bills or view expenditures and deposits. It adds an additional level of convenience to online bill payment by sorting your accounts into one centralized menu.

Grocery Gadget

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes grocery shopping. Florescent lights blaring down ugly and harsh, air cold and sterile, half the cart fleet in perpetual disrepair with errant wheels dragging incessantly to the left—the experience is rarely pleasant. While you shouldn’t expect Grocery Gadget to make routine shopping a joy, you can expect it to take a little pain out of the process. Basically, it digitizes your grocery list and adds unprecedented versatility to the traditional organization of shopping trips. You can save lists across multiple stores, mark product prices and save recipes. Grocery Gadget also remembers the order in which you check off items and will organize your list to match your routine shopping route.


Expenditure is a budgeting app that allows you to keep a detailed record of every transaction. Ideal for anyone looking to monitor expenses, Expenditure is a simple but invaluable organizational tool. You can view spending by category to get a clear and concise picture of where your money is going. When you add an expense, you can choose whether the cost is recurring to save the hassle of reentering monthly bills every few weeks.

Key Ring

Key Ring is awesome. It digitizes store loyalty cards, eliminating the need to carry physical copies. No more pockets padded with plastic. No more key rings cluttered with cards. All your account information is stored electronically in a single mobile device. You can even enroll in new loyalty programs through Key Ring without holding up the line. And, to top it off, Key Ring users receive special coupons and discounts on top of benefits offered by store loyalty programs.


MoneyStrands is one of the most comprehensive money-management apps on the market. Like Expenditure, MoneyStrands is equipped with dynamic budgeting capabilities for mapping your money. It creates graphic displays of spending categories delineating how your money is divided month-to-month. You can also view your accounts and set up billing calendars, allowing you to keep an eye on your finances whenever and wherever necessary.


One of the more unique finance apps out there, Expensify is a tool for simplifying expense reports, particularly useful for companies that deal with them on a regular basis.  Users scan receipts with their phone or import credit card transactions from the web. Using the data, Expensify automates an expense report, which is easy to edit and customize. Once complete, send the report from your phone as a PDF to any e-mail address. The app comes with a mileage calculator for reporting travel expenses as well as analytics for monitoring spending across the company.


Yet another effective budgeting and account-monitoring tool, SplashMoney provides a quick account summary for everything from your PayPal account to your credit cards. A single summary page will tell you exactly how much money you have (or don’t have). You can also view your spending trends in customizable reports and charts, which means you can see exactly how your money is allocated and where there is room for improvement.


Shoeboxed is simple, innovative and ridiculously cool. It digitizes receipts, meaning no more sloppy piles or crumpled scraps of paper necessary to document your purchases. Snap a photo of your receipt, give it a day or so to process and the transaction will enter your archive as fully formatted, easy-to-browse data. If you keep track of your receipts—whether for business or that silly thing called responsibility—Shoeboxed will do wonders to simplify your records.

Adaptu Wallet

Putting a unique spin on the basic budget-and-account-summary app, Adaptu Wallet includes features tailored for the financially savvy. In addition to comprehensive budgeting charts, Adaptu Wallet provides an investment summary for things like IRA accounts and 401(k). Adaptu Wallet also allows you to create “Watchlists” that keep you updated with daily quotes, stats and stock news. But no matter the extent of your financial prowess, Adaptu Wallet has something for everyone.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid

Easy Envelope Budget Aid, or EEBA, functions similarly to many budgeting apps of its ilk with one key difference: it can be shared. If you share a budget with a family member or significant other, EEBA allows you to set spending limits for combined finances. This can reduce overspending on redundant purchases and simplify communication via real-time updates. It sorts spending categories into digital “envelopes” in which you define an amount of money to devote to each area of your budget. Everyone on your budget spends money out of these envelopes, simulating the experience of spending a finite amount of cash out of a tangible envelope. Pretty cool.

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  • Ric

    hi there. i tried moneystrands but when running into a category bug i lokked for the support forum I noticed that no comment was younger than 48 weeks! Is moneystrands still running? should I keep using it or will it eventually implode, making all my data entry useless?

    • Darío Camacho

      I used moneystrands like 4 years ago and suddenly it just stop working and there was no support. I even paid for a premium version and get no refund :C

  • Darío Camacho

    what the hell? moneystrand stop working like years ago. I used to have a premium account and paid for a full year but only used 1 month :C. Got no refund by the way so dont give them money!

  • Damian Toohey

    Have you tried Budget Boss for the iPhone and iPad? It’s a powerful budget planning app that predicts your account balance into the future to help you identify your savings potential. Budget Boss is simple to use, and its advanced graphing and data visualization tools give you a complete picture of your finances.

  • Brian

    Has anyone else tried Credit Sesame? Not really for personal budget…but it’s great for improving credit score and monitoring it for ID theft. I’ve started thinking about my long term finances since starting my career and earning a substantial income.

  • Edward Skinner

    What about Credit Sesame?? I’ve been using them to improve my credit score.