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Upromise's shopping portal gives families an innovative way to save for college. Making purchases through Upromise's online mall will net you a minimum of 5% cash back, which you can redeem by check, deposit into a Sallie Mae high-yield savings account, deposit into a 529 college savings account or use to pay down the balance on student loans. Upromise has the most ways to earn of any rewards mall, boasting in-store, travel, gift card, dining, grocery and gas earning options as well.

Getting the Upromise World MasterCard will help you score savings even faster. When you use the card to shop online, you'll get a minimum 10% back at 800+ stores. With no annual fee, there's no disincentive to keeping the card alive, so nab the card, keep it open to boost your credit score and use it when you shop online to save for college.


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