Does it cost a lot more to have a c-section instead of a normal delivery?

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    I general yes. Charges for C/sections involve the use of the OR, the services of an anesthesiologist and of a surgeon, as well as a longer hospital stay. All these charges (and including post op pain management, medications, supplies and  other services a regular delivery does not require) are expensive and may cost (tens of) thousands of dollars more than a regular delivery. 

    Your cost will depend on your insurance and your policy. 

    You will be responsible for a yearly deductible, yearly out-of-pocket costs (after you pay the deductible, your insurance pays a certain % of charges, leaving you with a balance) . In some cases you may be liable for a cop-pay every time you visit your doctor. 

    Depending on those 3 figures, your liability in case of a C/Section may be higher. If you have a low deductible and/or out of pocket, you should not see a difference. Only the insurance payments to the various providers will be higher. 

    If your liability is high, consider you will owe the full sum of these figures in case of a C/section. In case of a regular delivery, you might not. 

    Also, your doctor will need to get an authorization to schedule a C/section, explaining the medical necessity (twins, serious underlining condition etc). If not, unless the C/section is due to an emergency, your insurance may reduce their payments, or even deny it as "not medically necessary". 

    The best option is to contact your insurance customer service rep and ask about your yearly liability. Your physician should provide you with an estimate of costs. 

    If you are a cash patient, now is the time to shop around and negotiate. Do not agree to any service without a written estimate and make sure you ask several providers and facilities for their best offer. 

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