5 Things to Know About the Crate & Barrel Credit Card

The card lacks benefits that could make it more valuable and imposes too many restrictions on how you can redeem your rewards.
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It’s ironic that the home furnishing retailer Crate & Barrel, known for its modern aesthetic, would be associated with a credit card that’s hardly cutting-edge. The few perks that come with the Crate & Barrel credit card may be found in dozens of other store cards, plus it lacks benefits that come standard in other cards, such as a sign-up bonus.

The products on our list of best credit cards for home improvement have great rewards rates, generous welcome offers, and lengthy 0% APR periods — and some of the cards offer all three. You'll also get much better redemption flexibility.

Here are five things to know about the Crate & Barrel credit card, issued by Synchrony Bank.

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Crate & Barrel's sister store CB2 also has its own co-branded credit cards, the CB2 credit cards. The benefits of the Crate & Barrel and CB2 cards are the same; however, a Synchrony representative said that special promotions on each card may vary.

1. There are two versions of the card

They are:

  • The Crate & Barrel credit card. This is a "closed-loop" card, meaning it can only be used to make purchases at Crate & Barrel and affiliated stores such as Crate & Kids and CB2. 

  • The Crate & Barrel Mastercard. This card is "open-loop," so it can be used at any retailer that accepts Mastercard.

Whether you get the open- or closed-loop version of the Crate & Barrel card will depend on your creditworthiness.

Both cards earn rewards when shopping with Crate & Barrel (see below), but the Crate & Barrel Mastercard also offers 2% back on grocery store purchases (warehouse clubs like Costco are excluded) and 1% back on other purchases.

2. There are two primary perks, but they can’t be combined

Crate & Barrel cardholders may choose to receive one of two benefits:

  • Earn 10% back (in "Reward Dollars") on Crate & Barrel purchases. That's an excellent earnings rate, but redemption is another matter. More on that later.

  • Special financing for purchases of $749 or more. 

If an order qualifies for 10% back and special financing, you must choose one or the other. The card won’t allow you to receive rewards on a purchase that is also being financed.

3. Reward redemption is severely limited

Reward rates of 10% and above are uncommon, especially on cards with no annual fee. But that rate gets less impressive when you consider the various redemption restrictions you'll face.

As with most store cards, the rewards you earn are usable only within the retailer's brand umbrella. But there's more to keep in mind here:

  • Your Crate & Barrel card earns Reward Dollars, which are automatically converted into Reward Certificates in $20 increments. On the plus side, there's nothing for you to "do" to get those certificates — but on the minus side, you'll have to wait until you've hit the $20 minimum threshold, and you won't be able to save up your Reward Dollars to use them all at once on a large purchase.

  • You can't bank Reward Certificates for very long either; they expire 90 days after they're issued.

  • Reward Certificates can't be combined with any other store discount. Moreover, if you don't use the full amount of your Reward Certificate, the remaining amount is forfeited.

Many general cash-back credits will let you redeem rewards however (and whenever) you like, without worrying about minimum redemption thresholds, expiration dates or the possibility of forfeiting any value.

4. There are three special financing options

The special financing options offered by the Crate & Barrel credit card come in three different term lengths:

  • 6 months of special financing on purchases of $749 or more. This special financing offer never expires.

  • 12 months of special financing on purchases of $1,499–$2,998.99 made before Dec. 31, 2024.

  • 24 months of special financing on purchases of $2,999 or more made before Dec. 31, 2024.

Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card
NerdWallet rating 

In theory, special financing (also known as deferred interest) seems like a great deal. And it could be — as long as you pay off the entire balance before the term ends. Do that and you'll owe no interest.

If, however, there's any balance at all left by the end of the financing period, you’ll owe interest on the entire purchase amount, retroactive to the purchase date.

Credit cards with true 0% intro APRs are much more forgiving because they won’t charge back interest if any part of the balance remains when the APR period expires. For example, the Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card offers a 0% Intro APR for 15 billing cycles for purchases, and for any balance transfers made in the first 60 days. After the Intro APR offer ends, a Variable APR that’s currently 19.24% - 29.24% will apply. The card also can earn 3% back on home improvement and furnishings on up to $2,500 of combined quarterly spending between that category and grocery stores and wholesale clubs. (Cardholders must select home improvement and furnishings as their 3% bonus category, although there are other category options.)

5. The interest rate is high

As of February 2024, the interest rate, or purchase APR, for both Crate & Barrel cards was 32.24%. While high interest rates are typical of store cards, that’s not necessarily the norm for all credit cards. According to the Federal Reserve, the average interest rate for interest-accruing credit cards in February 2024 was 22.63%.

To avoid paying interest on any credit card, pay off balances in full if you can.

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