How Much Does an Equinox Membership Cost?

The price you'll pay could range from $200 to $405 a month.
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The price of an Equinox gym membership varies by location and the number of clubs you want to access. Membership is priced in tiers with options for access to one Equinox club, multiple locations or all 107 clubs.

How much does an Equinox gym membership cost?

While the price of an Equinox membership varies by geographic region, we looked at 10 clubs across the U.S. and found you can generally expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $405 per month.

Prices in the $200s per month grant access to one gym location.

In the $300s per month tier, the lower part of this range grants access to additional clubs — like all the clubs in a certain city — while the upper range allows access to clubs across the U.S.

The highest-priced tier, typically $405 per month, includes worldwide club access.

It’s important to note that each monthly membership price assumes a 12-month commitment. All perks are the same; the only difference is the number of locations a member can access.

What is included in an Equinox membership?

Regardless of the membership, the following perks are available.

Unlimited classes

Access to classes at Equinox clubs is included in all membership types. However, reserving a spot in advance through the club’s app is recommended. If you forget to book online but still want to attend a class, clubs accept walk-ins, but only if there is enough space.

Day and guest passes

Two guest passes are included annually with Equinox memberships. If you're out of guest passes, but still want to bring someone, you can purchase a day pass. You can also purchase day passes to visit other locations not included in your membership.

Referral program

For every friend you refer who joins Equinox, you get a credit that can be used in the club’s store, spa or juice bar.


Members can save money on purchases from the club’s store, with a 15% discount for a first-time purchase and 15% off during your birthday month. The spa also gives members a 20% discount on an initial spa treatment.

Free training

When joining Equinox, you get a free fitness assessment, personal training session and a Pilates session that can be used in person or virtually.

How to cancel an Equinox membership

Equinox memberships can be canceled by contacting your local club manager in person, by mail or through email.

If you anticipate not using the club for a while, you have the option to freeze (temporarily suspend) your membership. You will be charged a one-time fee of $50; you can freeze your membership once per year, in one-month increments. This may be useful if you’re planning an extended vacation.

How an Equinox membership fits into your budget

A gym membership to a club like Equinox generally falls into the wants category of a budget where 50% of your income goes to needs, 30% to wants and 20% to savings and debt repayment beyond minimums. This is known as the 50/30/20 framework and it is helpful to structure your budget using these broad categories.

If you find that you have too many expenses in the wants category, you can check other subscriptions to see if there are opportunities to make adjustments, like dropping down to a lower-cost tier in a streaming service or switching a cell phone bill to autopay if there is a discount to do so. This could help you save money so you can fit a gym membership into your budget.

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