Here’s How Much to Tip Pizza Delivery Workers

A standard tip for a pizza delivery worker could range from 15% to 20% of the order.
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Pizza is a global food synonymous with game nights, parties and just about any other occasion. When you opt to have pizza delivered to you, there is usually an option to tip the delivery person online or in person. At this point things can get awkward, because how much is an acceptable tip to give? We’ll provide the answer to this question and more below.

How much should you tip a pizza delivery driver?

Delivery drivers can be categorized as service industry workers whether they work on behalf of a food delivery app like DoorDash or Uber Eats, or the restaurant providing the pizza. Either way, you can use the general tipping rule for service industries in the U.S., which is 15% to 20% of the total bill.

For instance, if you ordered pizza and the bill came to $35, you could tip 15%, which would be $5.25, or choose to go with 18% of the bill, which would be $6.30. If you wanted to tip 20%, you’d be forking out $7.00.

If you need help calculating your tip amount, we have a simple tip calculator you can use to see how much your pizza delivery will cost after adding a tip.

When should you tip a pizza delivery worker extra?

There is no reason you can’t tip above 20% if you’re feeling generous. Here are some scenarios where you might consider tipping more:

  • Delivering pizza in poor weather conditions. 

  • Prompt or early delivery and a warm exchange. 

  • Delivering large orders. 

  • Traveling a long distance through traffic or a tedious route. 

Likewise, there are scenarios where you may choose to tip less, which could include an unfriendly driver or one who delivers a less than optimal experience.

Do you have to tip pizza delivery drivers?

It isn’t mandatory to tip a pizza delivery driver, but it can be good etiquette to do so, especially if your driver provides quality service. Service industry workers often rely on tips to supplement their income, especially when they earn below minimum wage. For this reason, tipping can be a thoughtful gesture. When ordering pizza on a day you just can’t afford to tip the 15% to 20% mentioned earlier, consider tipping a lower percentage that fits your budget. While it can feel uncomfortable, honoring your budget is a way to keep your finances on track. Not to mention, a smaller tip may be better received by the service worker than no tip at all.

For those who can’t afford to tip at all, the same principle can be applied. While tipping is a kind gesture, you probably shouldn't tip to the detriment of your finances. There are also non-monetary ways of showing your appreciation, like using kind words to thank the driver for delivering the pizza. Another alternative if you’re uncomfortable with not leaving a tip is to pick up the pizza yourself, if it’s not too inconvenient.

Do delivery fees go to drivers?

Some people are reluctant to tip drivers because in addition to the cost of the pizza, they’re sometimes charged a delivery and service fee. It’s easy to assume that the delivery fee lives up to its name and goes straight to the service worker, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, only a portion of the delivery fee actually goes to the driver, and that portion may be used to cover their compensation.

Do you have to tip in cash?

Ordering a pizza from start to finish can be done online at most restaurants, and there is often the option to leave a tip while paying for your order. It may be more convenient for you to tip this way if you’re someone who doesn’t carry cash around. On the other hand, some people may prefer to give drivers a cash tip so they receive the money instantly. Either way, service industry workers should get to take the entire tip.

If you’re someone who seldom carries cash but orders pizza regularly, consider setting aside a monthly budget for tips. You can then withdraw that cash and pop it in an envelope monthly so it’s easily accessible any time you order pizza.

If you do happen to go the old school route and pay for the pizza with cash, consider separating the tip from the pizza money so the driver knows which is for them. You could hand the driver the tip last and thank them for their service.

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