What Is Amazon Prime Student, and How Can You Save Money With It?

Eligible college students and nonstudents ages 18-24 can get the perks of Amazon Prime, like free two-day shipping, streaming access and shopping deals, for $69 per year.
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College students are busy and need things fast, whether it’s getting textbooks or a midnight study snack delivered or streaming content in the dorms. At $69 a year, an Amazon Prime Student membership offers those benefits at about half the price of a regular Prime membership ($139 a year).

But this membership isn’t just for college students. It’s for all people ages 18 to 24.

In this quick guide, we’ll break down who’s eligible and how to apply for a Prime Student membership. We’ll also explore the benefits of Prime Student and how to know if it’s right for you, and answer some common questions.

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is a membership for students actively enrolled in two-year or four-year universities and nonstudents ages 18 to 24. The membership starts with a six-month free trial and then automatically converts into a paid membership.

Amazon Prime Student offers many of the same benefits as a traditional Prime membership, including free and fast shipping, access to Amazon’s huge selection of digital streaming media, a free annual trial of Grubhub+ and unlimited photo storage.

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How do I enroll in Amazon Prime Student?

To enroll in Amazon Prime Student, visit the Prime Student homepage and select whether you’re enrolling as a college student or as someone 18 to 24. From there, you’ll be moved through the verification process and asked to provide identifying information, which we discuss in more detail later.

How much does an Amazon Prime Student membership cost?

An Amazon Prime Student membership costs $7.49 per month or $69 per year.

The six-month free trial converts into a paid subscription lasting four years or until graduation —whichever comes first — for college students or until age 25 for nonstudents. At that point, the Prime Student membership becomes a traditional Prime membership at the current price.

You can cancel your membership at any point. If you're still eligible and decide to reenroll later, the six-month free trial membership will not be included.

What proof is needed to get a Prime Student membership?

Scoring an Amazon Prime Student membership requires some verification, and the information you must provide depends on how you identify when you apply.

For college students

The easiest way for college students to sign up for a Prime Student membership is by using a valid .edu email address. Students must be able to access that email account in order to move through the rest of the verification process.

Students can also submit proof of enrollment using an official transcript, student ID, a tuition bill or a current class roster with their name on it.

For nonstudents ages 18 to 24

Nonstudents will need to submit a copy of a driver’s license, passport or other identification card to verify their age.

What does a Prime Student membership include?

There’s a long list of benefits that come with a Prime Student membership. Here are a few that are likely to make life easier for young adults:

Free shipping — and fast

With Prime Student, members get free one-day, two-day and even same-day delivery on many items. Members can also pick a single delivery day to ensure package arrival works with their schedule.

Access to streaming services, digital book and photo storage

Members have access to a large catalog of movies and television shows through Prime Video, music and podcasts through Amazon Prime Music, and books, magazines and audiobooks through Prime Reading.

A Prime Student membership also offers unlimited photo storage, which can free up cell phone storage and provide a backup of the memories you’re making.

Food without the delivery fee

A free annual membership to Grubhub+ helps members avoid paying for delivery of their favorite restaurant meal if the order meets the minimum threshold. After the free trial, the service costs $9.99 per month.

Early access to Prime Day sales

A Prime Student membership gets you early access to Prime Day in July, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, along with special pricing. Members also get early dibs on deals throughout the year.

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How Amazon Student might work for you

An Amazon Prime Student membership is a significant discount from the regular Prime service, and it could free up space in your budget if you’re able to cancel other services that this membership covers.

However, a Prime Student membership might end up costing more money in the long run if you’re not mindful. The temporary waiving of fees could lead to ordering more takeout, and the allure of free shipping might lead to more scrolling and shopping.

Setting reminders to cancel free trials before they convert and establishing parameters for spending could help make Amazon Prime Student a valuable service and keep unnecessary spending in check.

Frequently asked questions

If you already have a traditional Prime membership and want to get a Prime Student membership, you need to apply and supply the required information for verification. From there, Amazon will refund you the difference in membership costs.

The length of your Prime Student membership depends on how you enroll. For college students, a Prime Student membership lasts two to four years or until graduation — whichever comes first — putting students enrolled at two-year colleges at a disadvantage. Those who use their age to enroll have the membership until 25.

You cannot enroll in Amazon Prime Student more than once after completing your eligibility window. This is a disadvantage for people who take more than four years to graduate or continue their education in graduate school.

A Prime Student membership ends after four years or after graduation — whichever comes first. After that point, the Prime Student membership automatically converts to a traditional Prime membership at the going rate unless you cancel. Amazon says it will email members an alert weeks before the conversion.