What to Buy (and Skip) in March 2024

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You probably won’t find an overflowing pot of gold at the end of a rainbow this month, but look for the right products and you may just nab a deal in March that’ll make you feel lucky.

We clue you in on the categories to buy (and a few to skip) so you can make the most of upcoming shopping opportunities.

Buy: Floor sample mattresses

New mattress models usually arrive in stores in the spring, which makes the old mattresses potentially more affordable, according to Scott Paladini, who founded online mattress company Bear Mattress. If you care more about a bargain than you do about getting the latest model, look for discounts on mattresses that have been displayed and tested on the showroom floor.

Skip: Televisions

March is about a month too late for great television deals. Super Bowl season typically delivers steep savings, including hundreds off on some 4K TVs. The next big opportunity for TV deals happens during so-called Black Friday in July sales. We’ve seen Amazon, Target and Walmart — to name a few — have summer sales. Of course, you can also expect plenty of electronics savings during actual Black Friday promotions in November.

Buy: St. Patrick’s Day essentials

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, and more than a few consumers will load virtual shopping carts with all things green or covered in four-leaf clovers.

Many major retailers discount St. Patrick’s Day essentials in the days leading up to the holiday. Check stores in person just before the holiday or browse online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair and even Temu ahead of time for something festive and on sale.

The longer you wait to shop, the better. The selection might be reduced, but so will prices. And if you like wearing green all year, expect even bigger clearance deals after the holiday is over.

Skip: Spring clothing

March 19 is the first day of spring, but it’s wise to wait a few weeks before outfitting yourself with spring apparel if you’re looking to save. New inventory, including clothing, generally costs the most at the beginning of a season.

Instead, shop smart in March by stocking your closet with plenty of cold-weather staples for fall and winter. Winter clearance sales are still happening at many stores. The same can be true for winter sporting goods like skis, snowboards and goggles.

Buy: Tax software

Use March as your chance to get a deal on tax software. Retailers like Office Depot and Newegg already have sales on tax-prep products, so be sure to shop around. And if you’re filing online, a quick internet search will probably turn up a promo code. Tax day is April 15 this year.

Skip: Furniture

March isn’t known for great sales on furniture, so we recommend holding off on major purchases for a little longer.

Wait for Memorial Day sales in May, when big-box chains and department stores will offer more discounts to entice customers to buy. If you can wait even longer, Labor Day deals in September will be hard to beat.

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Buy: Vacuum cleaners

Spring-clean at the end of winter, and you might just grab a good deal on a new vacuum cleaner. Retailers know a tidy house is on the mind of many, and tend to offer better deals than normal just before the start of cleaning season, according to Consumer Reports.

Reasons to eat: National Ravioli Day and Pi Day

Good buys in March aren’t just available at department or electronics stores. They’ll be at your local restaurant and supermarket, too.

Mark your calendar for food-related holidays, including National Ravioli Day on March 20 and Pi Day on March 14. Although the latter is inspired more by math than food, restaurants and grocery stores like to celebrate the occasion with deals on pies. Check social media for promotions related to your favorite food.