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Renovating or considering a home improvement project? See how much it could cost, based on what other homeowners paid across the nation.

The calculator includes national data. Keep in mind that these are average national values, so your home renovation could cost more or less.

Costs tend to vary based on local market conditions, how elaborate the renovation is (for example, a renovation with the most expensive materials could skew much higher, whereas using low-cost supplies could cause the renovation to be cheaper), and how extensive it is (such as a complete renovation versus a partial one).

We recommend using the data above as an initial indication of the cost of a renovation, but homeowners are likely to get the best deal by comparing multiple quotes from contractors. You can also check sites like Angi for additional data.

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Average costs by project

While costs will vary depending on your individual project needs, here are some average ranges you can expect.

Interior project costs

  • Kitchen remodel: $9,000-65,000.

  • Bathroom remodel: $2,000-$18,000.

  • Bedroom remodel: $4,000-$21,000.

  • Building an addition: $4,000-$280,000.

  • Finished basement: $7,000-$75,000.

  • Interior painting: $1,000-$12,000.

  • Hardwood flooring: $6-$25 per square foot. 

Exterior project costs

  • Deck addition: $9,000-$20,000.

  • Roof replacement: $6,000-$80,000.

  • Single window replacement: $200-$1,500.

  • Siding replacement: $2,000-$18,000.

  • Inground pool installation: $38,000-$100,000.

  • Exterior painting: $800-$12,000.

  • Garage door installation: $750-$5,500.

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This calculator uses national data from a range of sources, including the American Society of Home Inspectors, the National Association of Realtors, Architectural Digest, Fixr, Angi and This Old House.

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