The Guide to Wi-Fi on Air France Flights

Access free messaging onboard your next Air France flight. Upgrade your in-flight Wi-Fi for web and streaming.
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Wi-Fi has become more accessible these days, especially in one place where it used to be nonexistent — in the sky. While it might be great to unplug on your vacation, not everyone is keen to completely shut off their devices.

Some of us might want to send a few work emails, check in with the pet sitter or find out what happens on the next episode of a favorite TV show.

If your upcoming flight is on Air France and you’re wondering whether you’ll have access to onboard Wi-Fi, the answer is yes — and there are even some free connection options.

Does Air France have Wi-Fi?

About 90% of the French carrier’s aircraft are equipped with satellite wireless connection, and the service is typically provided by Gogo and Panasonic Avionics.

You can access Air France’s onboard internet service, called Air France Connect, using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop aboard the following planes:

  • Airbus A220.

  • Airbus A318.

  • Airbus A319.

  • Airbus A320.

  • Airbus A321.

  • Airbus A330.

  • Airbus A350.

  • Boeing 777.

  • Boeing 787.

Which Wi-Fi passes are available on Air France flights?

Air France offers three Wi-Fi pass options for its passengers: Message Pass, Surf Pass and Stream Pass.

  • The Message Pass allows you to connect with others using apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage and WeChat. Note that you won’t be able to send photos or videos with the Message Pass, as it’s only designed for sending and receiving text messages.

  • The Surf Pass provides a little more in-flight connectivity and offers the option to check your email and browse the internet in addition to sending messages via the aforementioned social media apps.

  • The Stream Pass allows you to browse the internet as well as stream your favorite movies and TV shows using a high-speed connection. So, if you’re planning to binge watch your favorite series to pass the time, this is the pass for you.

The Stream Pass also includes all the capabilities of the Message and Surf Passes.

How much does Air France Wi-Fi cost?

Air France provides both free and paid options to connect to onboard Wi-Fi.

  • The Message Pass. The Message Pass is available to all passengers at no cost. Simply connect and start messaging your friends and family from your seat.

  • The Surf Pass. The cost of the Surf Pass depends on the length of your flight. Expect to pay around $3.23 (3 euros) on short-haul flights, $5.39 (5 euros) on medium-haul flights and $19.41 (18 euros) or 6,000 Flying Blue miles on long-haul flights. If you don’t need connectivity for the entire flight, you can purchase one hour of Wi-Fi for $8.63 (8 euros) or 2,700 miles.

  • The Stream Pass. The Stream Pass is available only on long-distance flights, from takeoff to landing, and will set you back $32.35 (30 euros) or 10,000 Flying Blue miles.

How do I pay for Air France Connect in-flight internet?

You’ll have the option to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal or Flying Blue miles.

If your itinerary consists of multiple flight segments, you’ll have to buy a separate Wi-Fi pass on each flight you want to connect to the internet.

🤓Nerdy Tip

We don’t recommend redeeming Flying Blue miles for Wi-Fi passes because you can extract much higher value out of your miles by booking airfare.

If your aircraft is equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to purchase a pass either when you check-in for your flight or after you’ve boarded.

Can I get a refund on in-flight Wi-Fi from Air France?

If you pre-purchased a pass but Wi-Fi wasn’t available on your aircraft, you can request a refund by filling out this form. Select “Extra Option Refund” for the type of request and then choose “Wi-Fi was not available” as the refund reason.

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How to connect to Air France Wi-Fi

To connect to Air France Wi-Fi on board your flight, make sure your gadget is charged and then do the following:

  • Switch your device to airplane mode.

  • Find and connect to the AirFranceCONNECT network.

  • Open your browser of choice and go to

Voilà, you’re connected.

Air France Wi-Fi recapped

Air France Wi-Fi is available aboard most of the airline’s fleet, so chances are your plane is equipped with in-flight internet. To access it, enable airplane mode on your device, find the Air France Connect network and select a Wi-Fi pass.

If you only want access to messaging, you’re all set — it’s free. For internet browsing or streaming, you’ll need to pay for it. We recommend paying with a credit card instead of redeeming miles to preserve their value.

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