Bonnie Sheeren

Bonnie Sheeren

Bonnie is a Patient Advocate who helps clients communicate with health care providers or health insurers, navigate the healthcare system and save money on their care.

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Patient Advocate at Houston Health Advocacy, LLC
610 E. 9th St.
Houston TX, 77007
(281) 624-6676

About Bonnie

Medical decisions? Through Shared Decision Making, you can feel empowered and in control!

From working in the Texas Medical Center here in Houston to my own personal experiences with health care, I decided to start my own patient advocacy business.

If you need to access the best diagnosis and treatment for yourself or your loved ones from our many experts here in Houston, I can help. I also believe in the strength of great minds working together, and I am in constant contact with advocates across the U.S. and abroad.

If you choose HHA as your advocate, I will use Shared Decision Making to empower you ...

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Typical Clients & Fee Structure

Typical Clients

Business Owners
Young professionals

Fee Structure

Paid as a percentage of the amount of money the advisor saves you. Common for medical billing advocates.
Paid hourly for time spent meeting with a client or working on their behalf.