Craig Smalley

Craig Smalley


Craig is a Tax Advisor who helps clients file income taxes, incorporate their business and plan for future tax events.

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Co-founder / CEO at CWSEAPA®, PLLC, and Tax Crisis Center®, LLC
14 E. Washington Street; Suite 331
Orlando FL, 32801
1489 W. Warm Springs Road; Suite 110
Henderson NV, 89014
1521 Concord Pike; Suite 301
Wilmington DE, 19803
(844) 297-3272

About Craig

Craig Smalley is the Co-Founder & CEO of CWSEAPA®, PLLC, and Tax Crisis Center®, LLC.

About Craig W. Smalley, E.A.:

Craig Smalley has been admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, is a Certified Estate Planner, and a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. Craig has been in practice for almost 23 years. He is well versed in US Tax Law, and U.S. Tax Court Cases. He specializes in taxation, entity structuring and restructuring, corporations, partnerships and individual taxation, as well as representation before the IRS regarding negotiations, audits and appeals. In his many years of prac...


  • Certification, Taxation, UCLA



Typical Clients & Fee Structure

Typical Clients

Business Owners
Young professionals

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May be paid in the form of a salary, monthly retainer fee, etc. Contact advisor for further details.


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