Lisa Berry Blackstock

Lisa Berry Blackstock

Lisa is a Patient Advocate who helps clients analyze medical bills for errors, choose an insurance plan and communicate with health care providers or health insurers.

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Founder/Owner at Soul Sherpa (R)
5739 Kanan Road, #128
Agoura Hills CA, 91301
(818) 512-6803

About Lisa

Lisa founded Soul Sherpa (R) in 1990. Successful strategies addressing her clients' healthcare + financial challenges can be found in the content of her new healthcare consumer app, DependableDoc (C.)

Lisa Berry Blackstock, based in the Los Angeles area, is engaged nationally as a patient healthcare advocate, life care planner, app author (Dependable Doc (C) "the patient push-back app;" see website for details and app store links) and mentor to her peers. Lisa's mission is to assist her clients with information and autonomy when it comes to healthcare issues, preventive as well as presenting. She is a published author, workshop presenter/speaker, and hands-on patient advocate. Over 27 years of experience deal...


  • BA, Communication, Stanford University

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  • An Accomplished Physician Comments on the Emerging Field of Patient Advocacy

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Typical Clients & Fee Structure

Typical Clients

Dealing with Debt
People near retirement

Fee Structure

Paid exclusively in fixed, flat, hourly, percentage or performance-based fees; does not receive commissions.
Paid hourly for time spent meeting with a client or working on their behalf.
May be paid in the form of a salary, monthly retainer fee, etc. Contact advisor for further details.


Soul Sherpa (R) does not provide medical, legal, financial, or insurance advice that is intended to replace the recommendations of physicians, attorneys, financial advisers, or insurance brokers. Soul Sherpa (R) provides information intended to assist individuals with ...