Martine Brousse

Martine Brousse

Martine is a Patient Advocate who helps clients appeal denied claims, navigate the medical billing maze and reduce healthcare costs.

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Founder, Pres. at AdviMed
P.O. Box 43
Santa Monica CA, 90406
(424) 999-4705

About Martine

I use my extensive knowledge and experience as a previous billing manager and certified mediator to help patients understand and manage medical bills, reduce costs and save $

I am a healthcare industry expert with over two decades of medical billing management experience and vast experience with the intricacies of navigating all types of payment claim issues. It was in direct response to what I saw as a lack of resources for patients to effectively anticipate and manage medical expenses that I created ADVIMED, my Patient Advocacy company.

Now working on the side of patients, I assist them with resolving the many issues they may face with medical...


  • certification, Mediation, American Institute of Mediation
  • M Sc, Metaphysical Sciences, UMS

Typical Clients & Fee Structure

Typical Clients


Fee Structure

Paid when their clients buy or sell specific products (e.g. stocks, bonds, etc).
Paid hourly for time spent meeting with a client or working on their behalf.
May be paid in the form of a salary, monthly retainer fee, etc. Contact advisor for further details.


I am committed to providing you with my very best efforts and expertise. As a billing manager for 20 years, I provide my clients with insider knowledge and a vast experience of managing all levels of medical billing and insurance processes.

I am a certified mediator, us...