Scott W Johnson

Scott W Johnson

Scott W is a Insurance Agent who helps clients choose an insurance plan, insure themselves against potential risks and understand their insurance policy.

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Manager and Principal Broker Agent at Marindependent Insurance Services LLC
PO Box 585
Mill Valley CA, 94942
(415) 294-5454

About Scott W

An independent boutique insurance broker serving the San Francisco Bay Area

I am an independent Broker Agent serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area and California. I focus on getting to know my clients and advise them of risks and how to consider insuring against those risks.

Often I work with small start up type operations that are based out of their homes. Businesses based out of homes need insurance like all other types.

Personal Insurance has been a life long fascination of mine, saving others money and increasing their coverage is what I love most about insurance brokerage. I a...


  • BS, Business Administration, University of Arizona


Insurance License
  • CA: #0H11625
  • CA: #0K10734

Typical Clients & Fee Structure

Typical Clients

Business Owners
Young professionals

Fee Structure

Paid when their clients buy or sell specific products (e.g. stocks, bonds, etc).
Commission and Fee
May be paid either on a fee-based basis (e.g. fixed, flat, hourly, percentage, etc) or via commission.


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