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Sharon Hollander

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President, CEO at STAT Medical Consulting, Inc
15720 Ventura blvd #227
Encino CA, 91436
(818) 907-7828

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Author of Medical Billing Horror Stories ( The CEO and expert in medical billing and physician reimbursement

Author of Medical Billing Horror Stories ( a guide of anecdotes and real case studies ripped from the headlines about what doctors did which got them into trouble either with Medicare, HIPAA, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) or worse the FBI. The guide helps physicians recognize the red flags and triggers to avoid a Medicare Audit. Learn to avoid the billing mistakes and mismanagement as showcased in this book. If you even submit one claim for reimbursement this is a must read. If you or some...


  • Bachelors , Psychology and Physiology , York University, Toronto Canada

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