Does it cost a lot more to have a c-section instead of a normal delivery?

March 31, 2014

Advisor answers

I general yes. Charges for C/sections involve the use of the OR, the services of an anesthesiologist and of a surgeon, as well as a longer hospital stay. All these charges (and including post op pain management, medications, supplies and other services a regular delivery does not require) are expensive and may cost (tens of) thousands of dollars more than a regular delivery.

Your cost will depend on your insurance and your policy.

You will be responsible for a yearly deductible, yearly out-of-pocket costs (after you pa...

Having a baby is a very expensive proposition and not all cost the same. Generally speaking you can expect to pay more for a C-section but not necessary always.

When comparing a vaginal delivery versus a scheduled C-section, their is a lot of other things that can come into play that will determine the cost no matter how the baby comes into this world. Is there insurance in place and type of insurance. complications that may arise, location of the hospital, length of stay and you will want to take into account how long you might be i...