Should I pay a small amount on medical bills that have gone into collection?

January 19, 2017
I can't afford to pay them off completely. I'm 27 and make $30,000 as a bartender. I thought they were all covered by my insurance, but when my primary doctor left, these charges appeared. I also have student loans and back taxes to pay.

Advisor answers

I need more information to answer your question.

First, have you reviewed the balances on your statements to make certain they are correct, i.e., that you received all the services for which you have been billed and that your insurance has covered everything for which it is responsible? If not, this should be your first step.

If the statements are correct, then contact the individual providers to see if they will either pull back their bills from collections and forgive all or part of the balance due based on your financial need, o...

Unpaid medical bills often end up scarring your credit report, which can then impact your finances down the road but with that being said a surprisingly large proportion of medical bills contain clerical errors that result in overcharges.

All medical bills are negotiable. You might want to try to negotiate with the collection agency and arrange affordable monthly payments or maybe reach out to a medical bill advocate who will audit the medical records for errors in coding, compliance, pricing and will negotiate any out of pocket exp...