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What questions should I ask before making an offer on a condo?

Asked in Austin, TX · April 17, 2016
I'm 25, looking to purchase a condo. I know I should ask about flood areas and HOA fees.

Advisor answers

It's important to have a Realtor to represent you in this transaction. If there's a Realtor selling the property, that Realtor typically represents the seller. You need a buyer's agent who represent your interest. Customs vary by location but it's not uncommon for a seller to compensate the Buyer's Agent.

You should ask to review the Association's:

(1) Restrictive Covenants, which explains what you can and can't do to your property i.e. painting, parking, pets, etc.

(2) ByLaws which governs the rules of the HOA. Read more re...

Have a question about finance?

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