Trea S. Branch

Lead Writer  |  Student loan refinancing

Trea S. Branch is a lead writer for Nerdwallet focused on student loan refinancing. She holds degrees in economics, from the University of Michigan and business, from the University of Notre Dame. Federal and private loans almost entirely financed both degrees. Desperate to pay off her six-figure student debt, Trea embarked on an aggressive payoff journey that she shared through a blog. Her blog turned into a personal finance coaching business where she helped women from all walks of life confidently begin their six-figure debt-free journey. Trea is committed to empowering anyone overwhelmed by student debt by adding clarity and the power of choice to the college financing process. You can find her in Chicago, Illinois (likely stuck in traffic!).

  • Education: B.A. in economics from University of Michigan, MBA from University of Notre Dame
  • Previous experience: Freelance personal finance writer, personal finance coach, research and analytics at AbbVie, KraftHeinz

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