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Coronavirus Stimulus Checks, Debt Relief and Your Finances

March 30, 2020
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The global spread of coronavirus and COVID-19, the illness that it causes, raises questions for all of us, like “How do I prepare?” and “Will I get a stimulus check?” NerdWallet is tracking the latest developments, including information on stimulus checks and debt relief, plus the impact on traveling and your finances.

The latest coronavirus news and advice

How Expanded Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits Work

If you’re jobless or have lost hours due to coronavirus, here’s what you need to know about the $2 trillion package intended to provide unemployment relief to millions of Americans.


How to Prep for and Spend Your Government Relief Check

How to Prep for and Spend Your Government Relief CheckWhatever money you qualify for will take time to arrive, but you can prep your finances and make a plan now. Here’s how to think through the best use of this money.


Mortgage Relief Programs for Homeowners Hit by the Coronavirus Crisis

If you’re worried about paying your mortgage during the COVID-19 outbreak, mortgage relief may be an option. Here are the forbearance programs available to homeowners.


Laid Off Due to Coronavirus? Take These 6 Steps

Laid Off Due to Coronavirus? Take These 6 StepsWhile it may feel like everything is out of your control, there are steps you can take to manage your finances and programs in place to help you keep your head above water.


How to Get Student Loan Relief Now

How to Get Student Loan Relief NowThe federal government, states, private lenders and others are offering student loan relief to help you manage the economic fallout. Here are your options.


smartmoney podcast: coronavirus edition

Find out ways you can brace financially for fallout from the coronavirus epidemic. Co-hosts Sean Pyles and Liz Weston walk you through key topics in uncertain times.


How much will my stimulus check be?

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: How Much You May Get and When

The CARES Act kicks off a massive economic stimulus effort that, among other things, could put cash directly in your pocket soon. Get the details on how much money you might get, how it will arrive and when.

How do I prepare?

How to prepare your house, mind and bank account

In light of the growing outbreak, we talked to experts to find out how Americans should prepare everything from their mindsets to their medicine cabinets and bank accounts.


How to Stock Up Wisely, Emergency or Not

how-to-stock-up-wisely-for-an-outbreak_FBStocking up shouldn’t mean panic-buying cases of toilet paper, but keeping a reasonable supply of shelf-stable food and other supplies on hand makes sense.


3 Ways Credit Cards Can Help You Ride Out a Crisis

When you’re faced with a short-term disruption to your earning power — reduction in hours or temporary layoff — credit cards can be a way to ride out the storm. Here’s how.


How to Prepare for a Recession

how-to-prepare-for-a-recession_FBThe pandemic is raising troubling economic questions, including: Will it lead the world into a recession? Here are steps you can take to help you survive the financial headwinds.


Does Life Insurance Cover Deaths From Coronavirus?

In almost all cases, those who have life insurance are covered, and insurance will likely pay out for deaths from COVID-19. Learn the few exceptions.


Can I change my travel plans?

What to Do If an Airline Changes or Cancels Your Flight

What to do depends on your travel goals. We break down the different scenarios and offer best practices for achieving your desired outcome.


Coronavirus Flight Cancellation and Change Policies: What You Need to Know

Bookmark this day-by-day update of airline policies to help you manage your upcoming air travel plans.


Coronavirus Hotel Cancellation and Change Policies: Updates

Hotel brands have begun offering flexible change and cancellation policies. Check which brands have policies in place for new and existing bookings.


How to Change/Cancel Existing travel Bookings Due to Coronavirus

We’ve compiled a list of airlines, hotels and online travel agencies that have offered enhanced change and cancellation policies as a result of COVID-19.


Travel Rewards Programs Offering Status Extensions

A few hotel programs have already offered elite status extensions and other concessions to those affected by travel disruptions.


Ask a Points Nerd: When Will It Make Sense to Travel Again?

How long must we hunker down? When will it be safe to travel again? We don’t know the answers, but does it mean we should all cancel our plans for the year? Not necessarily.


How to Book Future Air Travel Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty

Airlines are offering flexible travel policies, but not all airlines are offering the same policies. We’ve rated the policies for eight major U.S. airlines and ranked them from most flexible to least.


How can I best manage my finances during the crisis?

Where to Get Financial Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

Many financial institutions are offering help like waived fees and deferred payments to customers affected by the pandemic. Here’s what they’re offering and how to contact them.


NerdWallet Experts’ Tips on Handling Finances During Coronavirus

At a recent NerdWallet companywide discussion, four of our experts shared their responses to 10 of the biggest financial questions being asked by consumers right now.


7 Credit Card ‘Rules’ You Can Break in an Emergency

During a crisis, it can be OK to give yourself permission to break a few of the basic credit card “rules.” Here are seven rules and when you can break them.


Even in a Financial Crisis, You Have Options

If you never built up an emergency fund to tap in times of crisis, now’s no time to beat yourself up over that. Instead, check to see what resources you do have and learn how to deploy them most effectively.


The IRS’ New Tax-Filing Deadline Is July 15. Here’s What to Know Now

Taxpayers now have until July 15 to both file and pay their taxes, but the IRS has not yet issued formal guidelines on the change. In the meantime, here’s what taxpayers can do now.


When the Market Drops, Play the Long Game With Retirement Savings

steps-to-protect-retirement-accounts-in-market-correctionTake these steps to help protect your IRA, 401(k) and other retirement accounts from events like the market’s reaction to coronavirus uncertainty.


Social Distancing During the Coronavirus? Take Your Banking Online

Socially Distancing During the Coronavirus? Take Your Banking OnlineIf you’re concerned about how to do your everyday financial tasks from home, consider starting to bank online. Learn the perks of online banking.


Your Last Chance for High CD Rates Is Right Now

GettyImages-917547294.jpg-your-last-chance-for-high-cd-rates-is-right-nowThe coronavirus pandemic has upended life, but if you’re able to take the time to reassess your savings strategies, a certificate of deposit can be a solid way to grow your funds.


Relief Checks May Be Coming, but Scammers Are Already Here

GettyImages-636230570.jpg-coronavirus-relief-scams-FBMany Americans will soon receive help in the form of relief payments. But the Federal Trade Commission is concerned you’ll hear from scammers first. Here’s how to avoid falling victim.


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