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Arco debit cards

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» This story is out of date

The details described in this article are no longer current. See NerdWallet’s roundup of best gas credit cards for more recent information.


The Arco debit card was nothing exciting to begin with. Yeah, you could avoid the 45-cent surcharge that you’re usually charged when you pay with debit at Arco, but you don’t get any rewards. In fact, based on our analysis, the savings you get from Arco’s cheap gas aren’t as much as what you’d get with a gas card that earns rewards at the pump. And now, sadly, the Arco debit card is no more.

And we’re hearing now that many Arco/Discover debit card users weren’t even notified that the program was being canceled. For our post-mortem of the Arco debit card, check out our blog.

We recommend using our gas price comparison tool to find the best combination of cheap gas in your area and credit cards that’ll give you great rewards.