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The Gender Pay Gap [Infographic]


April 9, 2013 is Equal Pay Day, and it represents how far into 2013 women must work simply to earn what their male counterparts earned in 2012.  Due to the gender pay gap, women earn on average 77 cents for every dollar that their male counterparts earn, and this gap widens for women of color.

The gender pay gap is pervasive, affecting women across industries and education levels.  Women earn less than men in almost every occupation. In data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they found that there were only 4 out of 111 occupations in which women’s weekly median earnings were higher than men’s.  Highly educated women are not immune to the gender pay gap–female law firm partners earn $66,000 per year less than their male counterparts.  And male-dominated industries tend to pay more than female-dominated industries, even when both require similar education levels.

For Equal Pay Day 2013, NerdWallet has created this infographic detailing the history of the gender pay gap.  We also have compiled a list of cities with the lowest gender pay gaps as well as occupations with the largest and smallest gender pay gap.

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Gender Pay Gap

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