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Quick Cash for the Holidays

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Most of us worry all year long about money, but many of those worries can become heightened as the holiday season draws near. At no other time of the year does a lack of funds cause so much stress as during the holiday season. If you find yourself in that all too common boat, there’s still hope. There’s no easier time of the year to quickly get some extra cash.


Try a bank

We all need a bank account, and if you’re like many unfortunate consumers this year, your checking or savings account may not be cutting it anymore. Instead of putting off the decision to switch accounts, use the holidays as an opportunity to take advantage of checking account promotions and referral programs. An Electric Orange Checking account for instance, is a great free option and just for opening a new account, you could get $50 within 50 days. So if you’re considering a new account, keep an eye out for offers like these. Some banks even offer bonuses for referring friends to open an account. Check to see if your bank already has a program like this and you could be well on your way to a few extra bucks in your account this season.

Help someone out

Something many people may not know about is the “gigs” section on There, listings can be found for people seeking temporary help with various things. Some listings are formal jobs, but there are also many inquiries from people who might just need a little help with gardening, lawn care or any other random task around their house. To make these jobs even more appealing, they’ll almost always pay in cash, which means no waiting around for a check. If you live in a major city, websites like Taskrabbit can help you find quick tasks for easy cash.

Rent your space

Heading out of town for the holidays? Why continue to pay rent and utilities for a space you won’t be using? You could rent out your home or apartment to visitors through Airbnb and earn money while you’re gone. The service helps connects guests and hosts in the safest way possible, including secure credit card payments and coverage for damages caused by guests. Plus, if you need a place to stay at your destination, you could use the same service rather than stay in a hotel. You’ll find unique accommodations at affordable prices in over 26,000 cities around the world.

Sell your crafts

The holiday season can spark an urge for crafting all sorts of homemade goods. Don’t let them go unappreciated – sell whatever you won’t be giving away as gifts. The online marketplace Etsy is a simple way to display and sell your own hand-made products. You can even get use the holiday shopping fervor to your advantage by offering Etsy coupon codes for discounts, free shipping, and more.

Use your car to make money

Finally, another great way to make some extra cash (which will even continue paying on a monthly basis) is vehicle advertising. It’s not as easy to come by as some of the other methods, since they require a very specific target, but it can bring you between $50 and $400 each month. Be careful, because there are scams out there that will charge you a fee, claiming they are selling you a proprietary list of their exclusive clients. The same contacts can be found for free on websites like There, they will match you up with an advertiser, based on the facts they ascertain from your driver application. If you and your vehicle meet the needs of any of their advertisers, you will be fitted with one of two styles of vinyl decals. A rear window advertisement typically pays $50 or more, while a full vehicle wrap can get you up to $400 every month. If lucky enough to be selected for an advertisement, you’ll be required to drive a minimum number of miles each week. In addition to that, you’ll need to act as a spokesperson for the company your vehicle is advertising, in case people have questions for you while you’re out on the road, so knowledge of the product is a must.

So, as you can see, there are several options out there for bulking up your wallet during the holidays. It’s all just a matter of finding the right fit for you. With a little research and due diligence, consumers who find themselves in a financial rut this holiday can use any of these methods to scrape together something that will help them through the season.

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