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Sunday in the Park

Corporate News

Dear San Francisco Community,

Unfortunately, we found out via Facebook today that a photo was posted showing trash left behind in Marx Meadow after our annual company picnic on Sunday. The pictures and the comments are insinuating that trash was intentionally left behind by our company. The reality is, it was our goal to leave no trace and to leave the park in pristine condition, the way we found it. To pull off an event of this size, we worked with multiple vendors. Communication is key and unfortunately our wires got crossed and trash was left behind. We take pride in supporting our community and we would never have left a mess on purpose. We take full responsibility for this mishap and through this experience, we have learned the best way to work with vendors and our partners at Golden Gate Park.

As a company, we do lots of community service with our #NerdsPayItForward initiative. This year we’ve had five different groups of employees volunteer to support the TNDC’s People’s Garden. More than 30 Nerds have served meals and worked on the clothing program at St. Anthony’s. Our Nerds have also partnered with Junior Achievement to teach financial literacy for students in third through eighth grade at San Francisco City Academy, and most recently we partnered with Project Homeless Connect to volunteer at this Wednesday’s PHC 60 city event. These are just a few examples of the volunteer work our company and employees have done for the SF community this year.

We take great pride in being a good corporate citizen and making SF a better place for everyone. We truly mean these words and try to embody them everyday. We will continue to engage our community and deliver on our mission.


NerdWallet Employees