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Buried in Bills? Use Manilla to Cut Down on Clutter

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Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Maybe you’re thinking you shouldn’t bother. Aren’t they the same every year anyway? You know how it goes. This year, you’re going to get organized. Really. You totally mean it this time! But sure enough, February rolls around, and you realize the only thing you’ve done to get more organized is purchase a set of “sorting boxes” and a day planner. Oh well, better luck next year, right? Wrong! It’s time put that attitude aside. You don’t need to spend more money or waste hours of your life putting trinkets in bamboo boxes to get organized. Start simple. For an easy way to eliminate that giant paper pile on your desk, check out Manilla, a free online bill management system.

Account management for the 21st century

Manilla provides one interface for you to keep track of all your bills. As of this writing, it syncs with 1,200 service providers in the United States: banks, phone carriers, insurance companies and utility companies. All the big names like AT&T and Comcast are there, but Manilla isn’t just for your cable bill. You can keep track of your magazine subscriptions, your Netflix account, your daily deals from Groupon and LivingSocial, your airline miles, and even your credit card’s rewards points if you have a Citi card. Don’t see a company listed? Just ask. Manilla is always looking to add new companies, and they want your input.

Once you sync your accounts with Manilla, you’ll never have to receive any paper mail from billing companies ever again. All your statements will be delivered online, sorted automatically, and available for you to access whenever you want. You’ll also never have to log on to a company websites to see your accounts, which means you won’t have to remember 20 different passwords. All you need is your Manilla password, and you’re good to go.

Alerts and reminders to help you make payments on time

People have all kinds of clever ways to remember to pay their bills. Maybe you mark due dates on a calendar, or leave your bills in a highly visible spot, like the kitchen table or right next to the front door. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes forget to pay anyway. For example, Americans spent more than $22 billion on credit card late fees alone in 2010, according to a consumer study by Manilla helps you make this problem a thing of the past by keeping track of due dates for you. You’ll be automatically reminded of upcoming bills, and you can customize due date alerts to make them work best for you. Get emails or text messages (or both) as frequently as you’d like. Manilla’s got your back even if you’re rarely home. Their apps for iPhone and Android let you keep track of your accounts on your smartphone.

All your finances in one place

Being the credit card nerds that we are, we’re especially impressed with Manilla’s ability to manage your financial accounts. If you’ve got a credit card from any major provider, you can easily manage your account online. American Express, Citibank, Chase, Discover, Capital One and Bank of America are all there. If you happen to have a miles credit card, your airline account will probably be there too. Delta

Sky Miles, Virgin America Elevate Points and JetBlue True Blue are just a few examples of supported loyalty programs. If you’ve got a Citibank credit card, you can even keep track of your ThankYou points. You can also monitor your bank accounts. For most big banks, you can manage your loans and checking accounts separately. Don’t have a big bank? Manilla gets major points from us for supporting credit unions! Ask them to add yours if it’s not already listed.

Free for you, cost effective for companies

Okay, so if Manilla is so great, why is it free? Excellent question. Turns out, it costs companies less for customers to mange their accounts online. Companies spend an average of 75 cents for each piece of mail they send to their customers. To save on postage costs, they’re willing to pay a small fee to have that mail delivered through Manilla instead. Most companies also find that online bill pay promotes customer engagement and customer satisfaction, meaning they can spend less on customer support services.

Manilla will not drive your kids to school or polish your action figures

Okay, so we don’t know how you’re supposed to organize the rest of your life. But hey, with the time you save paying and organizing your bills through Manilla, you’re bound to come up with something. We don’t think there’s a website for that, but if we hear of one, you’ll be the first to know.

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