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Best Credit Card Offers for Veterans

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Best Credit Card Offers for Veterans

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If you’ve recently left the military, you may wonder what type of credit card offer you should get for your new civilian life. Well, veterans, we’ve found some awesome military-specific credit cards for you with exceptional rewards and perks. Here are the Nerds’ three favorite credit card offers for veterans.

Platinum Rewards Visa Signature: Best for gas and grocery spending

Want to earn rewards on the daily expenses of civilian life? Look no further than the Platinum Rewards Visa Signature! It offers 5 points per dollar spent on gas, 3 points at supermarkets and 1 point on everything else. Points are redeemable for a multitude of rewards, including merchandise, travel and gift cards.

The card’s annual fee is $0, and there are no foreign transaction fees. It has an introductory APR on balance transfers. To qualify for the card, you will need to be a PenFed member, so sign up if you haven’t yet.

Premium Travel Rewards: Best for travel

If you’re itching to travel as a civilian, you’ll want a good travel credit card to earn and redeem travel rewards. The Premium Travel Rewards rewards you 5 points for every dollar spent on airfare on 1 point for everything else. There’s also a signup bonus: Earn 20,000 Bonus Points when you spend $2,500 in the first 3 months of opening your account. Points are redeemable for a variety of rewards, including travel, merchandise and gift cards.

The card’s annual fee is $0 and there aren’t any foreign transaction fees. Like the Platinum Rewards Visa Signature, it has an introductory APR on balance transfers. You’ll also receive two complimentary lounge club visits when you spend $15,000 in a year. In order to get this card, you will need to join Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Nrewards Secured: Best for veterans with bad or limited credit

If your credit leaves much to be desired, you need a secured card to get your credit from sad to stellar. Check out the Nrewards Secured, a secured credit card that actually offers rewards. You’ll enjoy 1 point per $1 spent, redeemable for cash, gift cards and merchandise.

Secured cards are backed by a cash deposit, but you’ll still need to pay off your balance each month to avoid accruing interest. The card’s annual fee is $0, which is rare for a secured card. Because this is a credit union card, you will need to join Navy Federal. And you’ll also need to be currently employed by the Department of Defense — or have a family member who is — in order to qualify.

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