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Do Discover Credit Cards Offer Good Security Protection?

April 28, 2014
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From work deadlines to family obligations, we all have plenty to worry about. Lately, you can add “getting your credit card hacked” to the list.

Discover is one of many credit card issuers stepping up security measures. This is meant to ease fears that your credit card information will end up in the wrong hands. Is this a good reason to get a Discover card? Take a look at the Nerds’ assessment below.

Why are issuers taking security more seriously?

At the start of 2014, consumers began opting for cash instead of debit or credit cards, according to reports. It’s no wonder: The personal information of millions of Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels customers was stolen between late 2013 and early 2014. People were alarmed that their plastic was hacked so easily and didn’t want to take the chance of it happening again.

Credit card companies took notice. To make customers feel comfortable using their cards, issuers are taking steps to assure us that they’re going on the offensive against hackers and thieves.

Discover is one of them. It has initiated a multi-pronged approach to tighten security and give all Discover cardholders confidence that they’re protected if fraudulent activity occurs.

Discovering better fraud protections

Discover offers customers a variety of safeguards. These include:

  • Transaction monitoring: Discover is monitoring every purchase made with your card. This means fraudulent charges are spotted quickly.
  • Immediate notification of potential fraud: If a suspicious transaction shows up on your card, you will be notified immediately by a Discover Fraud Specialist. Fraud Specialists will reach out by text message, email or telephone call if they suspect you are the victim of a data breach or any other type of credit card theft.
  • Zero liability: If your card is hacked or stolen, you’ll never be responsible for a charge you didn’t make.
  • 24-hour access to Fraud Specialists: If you notice a strange transaction on your account, you can contact a Fraud Specialist at any time. They will immediately remove the charge.
  • Technological and physical data protection: Discover is building a more hack-proof technical network to protect customers from outside breaches. The issuer is also increasing security in its offices. More passkeys and locks are being installed to be sure that your information is safe.
  • The option to freeze your account: If you’re afraid that your account information might have been compromised, you have the ability to freeze it. You can do this by yourself online or you can call a Fraud Specialist to do it for you. If you need a new card right away, Discover will overnight you one for free.

Is all this a good reason to get a Discover card?

If you don’t fret excessively about becoming the victim of a data breach, it’s probably not worth it to apply for a Discover card just for the the security measures described above. Most credit card companies offer services like transaction monitoring, notifications about suspicious purchases, and a 24-hour customer service line. Many also guarantee zero liability for unauthorized purchases. Even if your issuer doesn’t, federal law limits your liability for fraudulent activity to a maximum of $50.

But if worries about getting hacked keep you up at night, using a card with a comprehensive security plan may ease your fears. If so, it certainly won’t hurt to opt for Discover. The issuer offers a number of good cards, and if the fraud protections are valuable to you, signing up for one of them may be a good move.

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