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Low APR Credit Cards with Rewards Program?

March 1, 2010
Credit Cards
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  • Discover Miles for Fair Credit
  • Chase Air Force Association

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Are you interested in a rewards program, but sometimes carry a balance?  You probably think a low APR card can’t come with Rewards? Think again. NerdWallet has scoured the credit card market to find you credit cards that combine a low ongoing APR with a rewards program by credit score.

Average Credit:

Our Top Picks

The Classic Visa® Card is in a league of its own, offering 10.25% APR, 1% ScoreCard Rewards,  and a 0% balance transfer fee. Its $0.

Discover Miles for Fair Credit, has a 12.99% APR and 1% reward rate. Its $0. Additional promotions include an introductory APR of 0% for 6 months on purchases and balance transfers, and then the ongoing APR of 11.74% - 21.74% Variable and a signup bonus: 12,000 Discover Miles Bonus - 1,000 promo miles a month you use card in first year.

Good Credit:

Our Top Pick

Our top choice for those with Good Credit is the Chase Air Force Association. This card features an 0% for 6 months on balance transfers, and then the ongoing APR of 9.99% - 18.99% Variable and 1% Chase Flexible Rewards Points. Its $0.

Honorable mentions

Barclays offers a few solid choices, including the Rec Rewards Credit Card, Coast to Coast Credit Card and Good Sam Club Credit Card. All feature 1% rewards.

Important Considerations:

A few final thoughts to keep in-mind before opening a new credit card. 1) You’ll only receive rewards for the amount you pay off. If you carry a balance at the end of the month, you won’t receive all of your reward points.  2) If you’re working to pay-down debt and opening a new card to transfer an existing credit card balance to a lower interest card, be sure to know what the Balance Transfer Fee is for your card. The industry average is 3%, but some card companies offer 0% introductory offers for the first 6-12 months. See Balance Transfer for our rankings.