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6 Weird Uses For Your Credit Card

May 21, 2014
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Your credit card — as good as it is for charging purchases — can serve as a veritable Swiss Army Knife in other parts of your life.

Here are true-life examples of what you can use your credit card for, although I can’t say they are right for everyone. I encourage you to add your own inventive uses for plastic in the comments section below.

1. Garage door key

As cliché as it sounds, I have been locked out of my house and I really did use my credit card to slide back the deadbolt of my garage door to get back inside. I did this in the rain, by the way. I was able to use the corner of the card to dig under the deadbolt where it met the hole, slide it in and push back the deadbolt. I was proud of myself for making something that worked in the movies work for me in real life. I also realized that if I could do it, so could a burglar. So I installed a new deadbolt, and now this won’t work for me anymore. Then I locked myself out a week later.

2. Cleaning your computer keyboard

I eat over my keyboard. That means crumbs from my sandwiches, Ding Dongs and chips fall into the crevices between the keys of my keyboard. I sprayed rubbing alcohol on the edge of my card and slid it back and forth in the horizontal crevices. This loosened up a lot of the stuff in there. Then I turned the keyboard upside down, shook it, and it began raining crumbs. Then a colleague told me about compressed air dusters, which would spray out the crumbs completely. My colleague is a genius. He has improved my life more than I can say.

3. Fingernail cleaning

We all get dirt under our fingernails. While I was in the car the other day, I noticed some foreign matter jammed into a few nails. I used my card’s edge to scrape the dirt right out. Really.

4. Splinter removal

I learned this from an ER physician. If you get one of those tiny splinters that are too small to be removed with tweezers, you can scrape a credit card repeatedly over the area and the splinter should dislodge.

5. Air bubble remover

I’ve used my credit card to squeegee out air bubbles from the screen protectors I put on my smartphones.

6. Self-defense (advanced)

I have a friend who is a magician. He showed me how to hold my credit card just right, and flick my wrist with the power of the Gods, such that my credit card embedded itself in a watermelon across the room. It has not only proved to be a great conversation starter at parties, but he said he has successfully used it to ward off muggers. He has thrown them at the mugger’s face and scared him off. He doesn’t even have to call the issuer to cancel the cards when he’s done.

Clean nails image via Shutterstock