Live Debt-Free

Every day, people around you are getting out of debt. They pay off their cars, or their credit cards, or their student loans. And then they decide: Never again.

Unshackled by debt, they make their own choices instead of those dictated by the monthly payments.

Becoming debt-free can be a slow and steady process, or you may decide to go all-in and make big sacrifices to get there quicker. Visualizing an end goal will get you started — whether it’s buying your dream house, going on a guilt-free vacation or simply living without the stress of debt.

The most important factor will be your commitment to doing what’s needed to reach your goal. And the relief of being debt-free will be your reward.

Start with three basic strategies and discover tools, motivations and additional resources on the page to help you live a debt-free life.

Strategies to live a debt-free life

Make a debt-free wish list

Set a goal to keep yourself motivated on the tough days

5 Steps for Tracking Your Monthly Expenses

Track your spending

Understand where your money goes to change spending habits

How to Create a Budget

Make the most of every dollar

Build a budget that takes care of needs, wants and your future

How I Ditched Debt: Real people, real successes

Scroll through the latest stories showing how others defeated their debt, including tips you can apply to your life.


Resources for debt-free living