Emergency Fund: Ready to Save

Tips and advice for getting your emergency fund in place.

Congratulations! You have a good handle on your finances and are able to incorporate saving for emergencies into your budget. Your next steps are learning to budget even more effectively and maximizing your savings.

  • Tech tools: We’ve reviewed some budgeting and saving tools that may fit your needs, from “saving and tracking bills” and “evaluating investment accounts.”
  • Our favorite savings accounts: Find the highest-yield accounts for stashing your cash.
  • Best free checking:  To optimize savings, make sure you’re not paying unnecessary fees at your bank. Compare the best free checking accounts.

creditscoregaugeBuilding an emergency fund is one aspect of your financial health. Knowing your credit score is another.  As a registered member, you can get a free analysis of your credit score and personalized tips on your finances.

Know your score

Set it and forget it

You can save money without even thinking about it. Find a few minutes to deploy one or more set-it-and-forget-it methods, like a smarter direct-deposit setup or an automatic transfer.

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Break 7 bad habits

Getting good at saving means avoiding bad money habits. Here are seven habits to break while pursuing financial peace of mind.

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Cement 12 good habits

Personal finance guru Liz Weston has 12 rules of thumb to guide your financial life, from how much to spend on a car loan to why you shouldn’t make extra payments on your mortgage.

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Build a better budget

In its simplest form, budgeting is a third-grade math problem: How can I pay for all my expenses each month — including having some fun — without running out of money?

By creating a budget. We detail five steps for doing so, including how to determine your after-tax income, track your progress and set yourself up for success.

Use our calculator to figure out how much you should be spending on the things you need and the things you want, plus saving money and paying off debt.

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Be smart about credit cards

Using credit cards for daily purchases can be safe, convenient and rewarding — if you’re responsible. And you’ll also be building a solid credit score with every swipe.

But are you really making the most of your plastic experience? Here are seven credit card tips everyone should know to help maximize savings.

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