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Article Title: Best cities for homeownership in each state
Outlet: Multiple
Description: This series of articles crunches the numbers on the best cities for homeownership in each of the following states and will be featured in national news outlets throughout the country

Do you live in any of the following states? Please submit your perspectives to the prompts below by the date listed.


5/12/14 NE / OK
5/19/14 MN / LA
5/26/14 AR / KY
6/2/14 NM / KS
6/9/14 NJ / IN
6/16/14 AL / PA
6/23/14 WI / MO
6/30/14 OH / IA
7/7/14 MS / CT
7/14/14 RI / WV
7/21/14 ME / MT
7/28/14 NH / SD
8/4/14 ND / VT
8/11/14 CA


1. Tell us about the current housing market in (state). Are there deals to be found? Are home costs rising? Do homes sell quickly or sit on the market for long periods?
2. What are some of the pros and cons of buying a home in (state)? How do mortgage payments compare with rents?
3. Compare the housing market in (state) to what it was five years ago. Have values increased or declined? Is the area more favorable to buying now that it was five years ago?
4. What’s the economic climate like in (state)? In your opinion, is homeownership in (state) a good investment? What might the market look like in 10 years?

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Article Title: The Radical Debt Reduction Plan for Retirement
Outlet: MarketWatch
Description: The article will speak about how to reduce debt in preparation for retirement

1. Tell us how you help clients reduce their debt burden in advance of retirement?
2. What are the best options for reducing debt in retirement?
3.  How can a investment manager help?
4.  What can a client expect from a financial advisor?

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