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Festival of Frugality — Pre-Halloween Edition

Oct. 4, 2011
Personal Finance
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Welcome to October. Clouds are gathering, Halloween is just a few weeks away, and NerdWallet is once again hosting the Festival of Frugality.

Among our picks for this carnival, you’ll find a range of topics, from tips on how to improve your marriage by treating it like a business, to an argument for the financial merits of living with your parents, to advice on how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to buying gas.

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Editor’s picks

Boomer presents Treating Your Marriage Like A Business (Financially) posted at boomer & echo. Boomer leads you through the essentials of working out a business plan for life with your spouse.

FMF presents Paying Cash for Gas May be a Worse Deal than Paying on a Credit Card posted at Free Money Finance. FMF does the breakdown on paying with cash vs. credit for gas. You may be surprised by the results!  [editor’s note: NerdWallet offers a local gas price tool that does the gas vs cash math for you!]

Sustainable PF presents We Bought Less House than We Could Afford posted at Sustainable Personal Finance. Looking to buy a home? Sustainable PF explains the importance of buying below your limit.

Corey presents Say Goodbye to the University Meal Plan posted at 20’s Finances. Corey takes an in-depth look at whether college meal plans are actually worth your money.

Best of the rest

Donna Freedman presents How to Cut your Phone and Internet Bills. (Hint: Go on Vacation.) posted at Surviving and Thriving.

Daniel presents Would You Ever Move Into Your In-Laws’ House? posted at Sweating The Big Stuff.

Mike Holman presents How To Avoid Cell Phone Data Roaming Charges When Traveling To The United States posted on Money Smarts.

Darwin presents 9% Risk-Free Return in 1 Month: See How I Did It posted at Darwin’s Money.

Dan presents 5 Reasons to Avoid the Most Popular Gold ETF GLD posted at ETF Base.

Shawanda Greene presents How to Get Free Cell Phone Service posted at You Have More Than You Think.

Jamie presents Seven Holiday Movies That Put Money and Materials in Perspective posted at Paid Twice.

Evan presents I Feel Guilty Making Unnecessary Purchases posted at My Journey to Millions.

Squirrelers presents Squirreling Gone Wild #29: Pet Expenses and The Bird Brain Posted at Squirrelers.

DJ presents ATM Fees Add Up Quickly posted at The Family Wallet.

Peter presents How to Save Money When Attending a Blog Conference posted at Bible Money Matters.

Pat S. presents Get Relief from Debt: 3 Extreme Options posted at compounding returns.

Money Beagle presents Have You Ever Tipped On A Carry-Out Order? posted at  Money Beagle.

David presents What Kind Of Tipper Are You? posted at Bar Whiz Blog.

Jon the Saver presents My Buzz Cut Saved Me over $1000 in College posted at Free Money Wisdom.

Miranda presents 4 Creative Business Ideas posted at Financial Highway.

Madison presents 7 Ways to Avoid Debit Card Fees posted at My Dollar Plan.

Jacob presents 1% Commission “Full Service” Real Estate Agents – Are They Worth the Savings? posted at My Personal Finance Journey.

Funny presents What If We Didn’t Have to Pay School Taxes posted at Funny about Money.

John presents Why Haven’t Credit Card Membership Fees Risen? posted at Wallet Blog.

Kyle James presents October Buying Guide: 10 Things To Buy Right Now posted at