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Final Election Prediction: Obama 303 – Romney 235

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The NerdWallet Election Model has been tracking the presidential election odds for months with Romney’s odds fluctuating between 7% and 33%.  Going into the final day we calculate the Republicans’ election odds at approximately 20%.  While 20% is not ideal for Romney and Ryan, it is still a one in five chance which is not insignificant.  Nevertheless, we anticipate that President Obama will win another four years in tomorrow’s election.

The NerdWallet Final Election Prediction

Obama – 303 Electoral Votes

Romney – 235 Electoral Votes


Battleground States Won

Obama – Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin = 102 Electoral Votes

Romney – Florida, Missouri, North Carolina = 54 Electoral Votes


Safe States

Obama = 201 Electoral Votes

Romney = 181 Electoral Votes