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July 9, 2013
Personal Finance
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Do you have anyone in your life who just knows everyone you’ll ever need to know, you know, ever?  It seems like they’ve never done anything except for network?   To me, that’s

They’ve been around, helping travelers find places to stay far from where they live since 1991 and in that time, they’ve gotten a chance to make connections with every hotel out there, from a quick motel when you need a snooze between airports in Delaware, to the Sofitel Paris Arc de Tromphe.  No matter where you’re going or what your price range, has a pillow for your head and coupons to make the whole experience cheaper.

As you might guess,’s biggest point of sale is its website, but if you’re the kind of person who still likes talking to someone, they’ve also got a great phone service system which will help hook you up with Hotels all over the world.  They’ve got a wide selection of daily deals, and since they’re part of the Expedia Family, they can help hook you up with both a place to stay and the flight that will get you there.  It’s truly a great place to get your next vacation set up.

One of the things that makes a great choice for me, I tend to be a bad planner.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve lost an opportunity to sleep in a great hotel just because I haven’t gotten out of bed and gotten the work done one time, but recently I started booking through and since then I sleep well when I travel. has tons of great deals that open up every day, and with tons of options even for last minute travelers, they’ve shown that you don’t have to be the best planner to have a great vacation. has a great selection.  I’ve booked hotels with them throughout the US and let them help figure out my last trip through Vietnam.  I stayed in these great places all through the French quarter of Hanoi, they helped me find a place, not just to sleep in, but with a Hotel owner who helped coordinate my day trips out of the city!  I couldn’t have asked for a better trip, and it took to make it for me.

I think what makes me keep coming back to, besides the great selection, is the loyalty program. has this great system called “Welcome Rewards” which gives me a free hotel night for every ten nights I stay in a hotel I booked through them.  It doesn’t matter if my trip is for business or pleasure –’s discount program “Welcome Rewards” makes my next vacation longer. is super easy to use.  Their coupon system gives great discounts to loyal customers and they make sure that no matter where I’m going, I’ve got a place to sleep.  If you’re getting ready to book a trip for business or pleasure, I’d recommend going to first, and make sure to use a coupon code while you’re at it.

Written by Jacob Dickerman, a freelance writer and core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.

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