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Keep the love coming!

May 29, 2010
Personal Finance
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Yesterday was a huge day at lil’ old NerdWallet HQ. We got a nice little write-up in Lifehacker that really put our site to the test.

And we failed magnificently. Can’t even call it a blaze of glory, we just went down. Hard.

We spent all day yesterday sticking our fingers in the leaking dam, so that the site would at least be accessible to most people who tried. But that meant that we were fiddling with our code, our server, and our database all day, and NerdWallet was not in top form for its launch into the spotlight. We’ve learned a lot more in the last 24+ hours than we ever would’ve imagined, but we think our issues are mostly resolved. Anything we haven’t fixed yet has a solution on tap that will be rolled out in the next few days.

So to everyone who tried to visit yesterday but got shut out, we are extremely sorry. And to anyone who noticed inconsistent or unsatisfactory search results because of our database tinkering, we are also extremely sorry.

But now the site is up, it’s zippy, and we’re back at 110%. So please, keep the love coming!!