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How to Make Money with a Blog

July 20, 2012
Personal Finance
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Over 20 million blogs exist on the Internet today. The process of creating one can be accomplished by following a few quick steps, but the real challenge is transforming your blog into a profitable one. Here are five easy ways to develop an optimal strategy and attract followers in the blogosphere.


The immediate appeal of your blog is portrayed by its looks. An aesthetically pleasing blog gives guests an idea of who you are and what you post about. Relevant pictures, colors, and general layout will prove to them that you are organized. By no means do you need an extravagant visual layout, but portray a tone that you are comfortable with, and one that is more stimulating than a boring gray-scale format.

Site design

A well-structured blog determines the functionality of your site, and thus its success. An RSS feed subscription tab must be easy to locate in order to encourage followers to stay up to date. Provide an RSS link on the top of your blog; adding subscription links to popular newsreaders can also increase activity. It is important to expand to all forms of communication on the Internet. From Facebook to web directories to other blogs, you must continuously expand your sphere of influence in the blogosphere. It is also important to provide visible links to these mediums on your home page: if they are difficult to find or link to, what’s the point of having them? Offering an email version of your RSS feed may be underrated, but can significantly increase your number of subscribers as well.

Captivating content

You must attract an array of followers in order to gain popularity. In order to achieve this, you must appeal to the correct audience with content that they care about. Therefore, your blog must present news, trends, info, etc. to the audience that you want to target. If you’re content is disorganized or boring, subscribers will not be inclined to continue to follow you. Personal maintenance is also very important. Up-to-date content and novel trends and info will give you an advantage against those who just rehash old work.

Target audience

Subscribers are the lifeblood of any successful blog. Upon entrance into the blogosphere, it is your close followers that will increase your reputation the most.  Make an appeal to a specific audience and stick to it. Although profitable blogs can be few and far between consistent, you must keep your followers yearning for more posts. A good way to assess the audience of your blog is to ask a friend to check it out. A natural tone and relevant content will attract the audience you are looking for, so be yourself and readers will follow. Investing in a CPC or CPM advertising network can generate a solid revenue stream if you have substantial traffic. Google Adsense is among the most efficient advertising programs on the web; it scans the content of your posts and features relevant advertisements to your blog visitors.

Outreach and sphere of influence

Personal outreach will go a long way if you are persistent. Intriguing comments on others’ posts will establish you as a legitimate blogger. Joining a tight-knit community of bloggers who contribute to and critique one another’s work will substantially increase your traffic. This is a free marketing technique where the niche shares an audience among all of its blogs. Furthermore, establishing relationships with other writers can increase traffic to both your sites. Email outreach can be beneficial as well, but avoid spamming.

Blogs are a great form of personal expression in all areas of interest. They serve as a great way to shed light on anything you can imagine, reflect opinions, and reach others in a vast online community. Whatever the motive is, following these guiding principles will surely contribute to the success of your blog.