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4 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Oct. 22, 2013
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Want to know how you can make money on YouTube? Many folks are cashing in on partnerships and affiliations offered through YouTube as well as online ads strategically linked to their YouTube videos. Here are some great ways to create income from YouTube.

Signing up for a YouTube account is simple. All you need is a camera, a consistent content platform with keywords that aid users to your YouTube channel and gain an audience by posting your videos across the Internet. Once you establish a good audience base, you can network with other channels and gain revenue through online ads and other partnership programs.

1. Create a unique YouTube channel

If you run a small business, YouTube is a great way to bring new customers to your website and sell your products. You can create tutorial videos from braiding hair, unclogging a sink, to making those cute animal videos your friends send you on Facebook. If you are a writer or in the creative field, you can develop a unique web series. If you are an expert on making maple syrup or have a keen interest in the history of watchmaking, show your expertise and make an educational video channel.

2. Integrate social media

As you develop your YouTube content, you want to gain as much exposure as possible by integrating your videos with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog or website and posting your video to other relevant websites. Integrating your social media resources with your unique YouTube channel will create powerful results and exponentially grow your audience.

3. Promote a company product

If you have established an online presence and a large audience, you can make some extra dough promoting affiliate products and programs. Let’s say you like a certain cleaner and use it all around your house. You can make videos that promote the product by demonstrating how it works or linking the product in your YouTube description field. Google AdSense, Buy Sell Ads and ClickBank can help you make the most of your web space regardless if you have a YouTube video channel, blog or social media accounts.

4. Partner up with YouTube

If you have a substantial list of subscribers (over 500) and consistently post unique and well-developed content, then it is highly recommended that you partner up with YouTube Partner Program. This program allows you to monetize more content, make powerful YouTube connections, reach a larger audience and access to resources that can improve the quality of your YouTube channel. There are several requirements and copyright rules, but well worth the effort.

The most important thing to consider while you develop content for your YouTube channel is that content is king. Do your research by looking at what content is out there and how you can differentiate from similar sites. Always have a consistent theme or subject with your own original content. Avoid using copyrighted material. Establish your audience by distributing your videos across the Internet and social media. Don’t forget to have fun and network!