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NerdWallet and Facebook, BFFs 4 Life

May 18, 2010
Personal Finance
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Update: We ended up removing this feature after all.  It was worth a shot!

Recently, we’ve noticed that quite a few people like to tweet out messages like:

Just applied for a credit card, wish me luck (thanks @NerdWallet )

And oftentimes our friends will rave to us that they used our site to find a new card that they’d never even heard of before. Of course we love this (feedback is our life force), so we decided to automate it for you guys.

Late last night, we rolled out a new feature for a small handful of our cards. If you happen to want to apply for one of these cards, you might notice a Facebook Connect pop-up while we’re sending you off to the credit card company’s site.

Since privacy has been a big story these days, I wanted to make a few things very clear:

  • You’ll only see this if you are already logged in to Facebook. If not, it will ask you to log in. And if you say no, we’ll just keep on truckin’ like nothing happened.
  • This is a one-way street from us to your Facebook profile, we are not gathering any of your data from Facebook to use on our site. We just want to put a new credit card in your hands, and your interest in the Twilight Saga won’t help us do that ;-)
  • We keep the default message generic, in case you don’t want people to know you signed up for a Costco Card. You’re welcome to change it if you want to brag about your new Amex Platinum.
  • You’ll notice there is a “Skip” button if you don’t want your friends to know you signed up for a credit card. We won’t be offended if you use it.
  • And most importantly, there is a LOCK icon in the bottom right, if you click on it, you can choose whether to show this message to your friends, their friends, or everyone. So only choose who you want to see it!

So here goes, we’re starting our latest experiment in social media today.  Let us know what you think!