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NerdWallet Launches City Chattr, An Interactive Tool For Discovering Cities

Sept. 15, 2013
Personal Finance
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Uncover local favorites and learn things about a city that only a resident would know

NerdWallet, a site that empowers consumers to make smarter decisions, has taken a step into the local information space with its newest tool, City Chattr.

City Chattr is a platform that allows users to share, explore and curate local knowledge with a simple “fill-in-the-blank” format. Through real-time and top-rated responses, users can uncover local favorites and learn things about a city that only a resident would know. Users also have the opportunity to share, up-vote, and comment on their favorite entries.

“There is an enormous amount of local knowledge that is not being fully tapped,” said NerdWallet founder and CEO Tim Chen. “After we created the Cost of Living Calculator to assess financial differences between cities, we realized that a complementary tool to address local, quality of life components was needed. City Chattr offers this insight in a platform curated by the consumer, for the consumer.”

People often remain attached to their community, long after they’ve left it. City Chattr allows users to reminisce about their old towns – big or small, hometown or college town, first city or most recent home – while providing local insight about the cities they may be traveling or relocating to.

Key features:

  • Share personal stories in a fun, easy-to-use format
  • Read about and explore 25,000 cities throughout the world
  • Discover local favorites
  • Up-vote and share comments
  • Engage with other users
  • Free to use, no login required

Since 2009, NerdWallet has been providing trusted and unbiased information to consumers, helping them save money and feel secure about their financial decisions. With City Chattr, NerdWallet brings this same transparency to communities across the country, revealing each city’s allure — and its best kept secrets.

To learn more about the mission behind City Chattr, click here. Please email [email protected] with feedback.