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NerdWallet Launches a Financial Literacy Orientation

April 4, 2012
Personal Finance
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Navigating your personal finances and paying for college is more complicated then ever. Consumers now face a minefield of new financial products and creative fees. Many banks have eliminated free checking, increased fees on cards, and created new, abusive products (I’m looking at you, prepaid debit).  Increases in college tuition continue to outpace inflation, driving student debt levels to $1 trillion, surpassing total credit card debt. The simple act of managing your personal finances has become downright stressful.

With this in mind, and in celebration of April as National Financial Literacy Month, NerdWallet is releasing their Financial Literacy Orientation. This program helps students, young adults, and anyone interested in improving their financial literacy build the necessary skills to effectively manage their money.  From balancing your first budget to building a great credit score, the Orientation’s curriculum helps keeps you ahead of the curve through an engaging and cohesive multimedia program. NerdWallet does the homework for you, with three modules focused on the essentials of personal finance:

  • Learn about Financial Products: Starting with the basics, these lessons are presented from a consumer’s perspective. Understand the differences between credit, debit, and pre-paid, and how to avoid fees in your daily banking.
  • Manage Your Money: Financial literacy not only means you have the best options in your wallet, but also that you know how to use them. This module helps consumers learn to structure a budget and have the right attitude to master their personal finances.
  • Paying For College: No one should be deprived of higher education, but students should recognize the implications and responsibility of taking on student loans. Learn how to find an affordable school and the various ways to pay for it.

“As long as you are spending money, you are a student of financial literacy.” Says Joseph Audette, VP of Education and Financial Literacy at NerdWallet. “No one should pay unnecessary banking fees or compromise their college choices due to tuition costs. Let us nerds help you become a financial rockstar.”

The Orientation provides lessons in fundamentals in addition to more advanced discussions, such as developing a healthy financial attitude. The goals of the program are transparency and empowerment. NerdWallet will not to tell you how to spend your money, but rather provide the framework for consumers to make the right financial decisions for their lifestyles and goals. Stylish infographics and fun videos supplement written articles to deliver information that is both clear and entertaining.