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NerdWallet’s Top 4 Sustainable Living Non-Profits in the Bay Area

July 30, 2012
Personal Finance
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The benefits of sustainable living are turning heads all over the world. San Francisco, center of green living and NerdWallet’s hometown, is known for its innovations in sustainability as much as for its technological advances. Many companies now realize going green does not connote increased spending, but instead possible savings. Altering traditional business models to sustainable ones can reduce costs and lessen environmental impact.

NerdWallet has highlighted a few organizations, small and large, that reinforce this call to sustainability in our city. Here are NerdWallet’s top 4 sustainable living non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bike Kitchen: For providing affordable service to cyclists

The Bike Kitchen is a cooperative bicycle repair shop located at 650H Florida Street. Run by volunteers, Bike Kitchen provides on-hand mechanics and all the necessary resources to repair one’s bike. A small membership fee grants visitors full access to resources, such as tools and new and used parts, which are available for purchase. The Bike Kitchen offers affordable bicycle services for anyone who is willing to get his or her hands greasy. The communal environment hosts a diverse crowd of visitors, making for an exciting experience. Encouraging recycling and reuse, as well as work with community groups to promote the use of bicycles, earns the Bike Kitchen a spot in our list of top sustainable living non-profits.


Bay Localize: For inspiring change for the future

Bay Localize, located in downtown Oakland, is a project of the Earth Island Institute. In light of climate instability and rising energy costs, Bay Localize aims to inspire and support Bay Area residents in building sustainable communities. Bay Localize believes our generation must cope with prevalent economic issues and learn to allocate our resources more efficiently. They hope to boost the Bay Area’s capacity to provide for everyone’s needs, sustainably and equitably. Bay Localize creates innovative resource management solutions to equip local leaders with flexible tools, models, and policies for the community at large.


Walk San Francisco: For standing up for pedestrians

Walk SF gives pedestrians a voice and a coalition to advocate on behalf of all citizens on foot. The goal is to make San Francisco a more livable, walkable city for all to enjoy, especially on foot. The group calls for less automobile traffic and more pedestrian walkways to ensure a safer urban environment. This year, Walk SF successfully petitioned for lower speed limits in school zones, dropping it from 25mph to 15mph for 181 schools throughout the city. They also aim to redesign the streets of underserved neighborhoods, which are home to at-risk seniors and low-income residents. Walk SF’s ultimate goal is to encourage walking, protect pedestrians, and significantly lower the rate of accidents. NerdWallet acknowledges this advocacy program for its diligent efforts to make the streets of San Francisco safer for pedestrians, and to promote the only truly emission-free mode of transportation.


Foundation for Sustainable Development: For providing crucial resources abroad

The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) aids over 300 grassroots community organizations around the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, the scope of FSD expands far beyond the bay. They help poverty-stricken communities address pressing socioeconomic issues by providing direct training and key resources. FSD reaches out to these desperate communities and sends interns and volunteers to address the issues first-hand. On-site workshops, service learning programs, and grants help build economically and environmentally sustainable communities abroad. FSD implements community-based action to meet human needs and basic rights for all.


Sustainability defines our generation. From a local bike repair shop to an international relief effort, this term applies to all contexts of the economy. These establishments, to name just a few, are at the forefront of a revolution. We here at NerdWallet applaud organizations for making a positive change in our hometown and look forward to the progress made in the green movement.