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Nerdy Finance #21: Trillion-Dollar Coin Edition

Personal Finance

There’s nothing better than to kick off the new year like political brinksmanship, hilarious proposals and increasingly sour rhetoric – nothing, that is, except for the Flying Spaghetti Monster getting a shoutout from Reuters’ Felix Salmon:

The trillion-dollar coin is the fiscal equivalent of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: a logical reductio ad absurdum designed to emphasize the silliness of an opposing position.

Pastafarians rejoice!


  • Dewey’s Treehouse brings Newton’s laws to finance.
  • Wealth Informatics presents the “Save $1,000 in 30 days” challenge.
  • The Domestic Groove explores so-called “free” financing.
  • Gajizmo calculates how much you should be saving each month.


  • Darwin’s Money explains why the only stock he’s bought in months is in 3-D printing.

Politics & policy

  • My Dollar Plan explains the fiscal cliff deal, and Nerd’s Eye View details its tax implications.
  • The Novel Investor breaks down the 2013 tax brackets.
  • Free From Broke asks, should students get paid for good grades?

Life, love and money

  • Free Money Finance presents two case studies of people who successfully quit their jobs.
  • My University Money wonders whether a broke college kid should tip as much as working professionals.
  • Eyes on the Dollar explores encore careers for those who’ve reached financial independence.