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10 People Share Their Money Goals for 2018

Jan. 5, 2018
Personal Finance
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New Year’s resolutions often include eating healthy, taking trips and spending more time with loved ones. They’re also occasionally tied to financial goals, such as saving for a car or paying off debt.

We asked 10 people to share their money goals for the new year. Take a look and see if any of them resonate with you or inspire you to come up with your own.

Nathan Ranney, director of product
2018 money goals: “Increase the percentage of income that I save and invest a small amount into cryptocurrency, mostly as a learning opportunity. Take more career-related classes, which should increase my earnings potential in the long run. And pay for every single flight with points!”

Paul Liang, senior management consultant
2018 money goals: “Maintain my savings while paying a mortgage and traveling two to three times per year.”

Christina Schwarz, global engagement director
2018 money goal: “I want to have 15% gain on my 401(k) account so it can reach $1 million.”

David Yen, designer
2018 money goal: “Set a financial goal around purchasing a house and create a spreadsheet model for how long it will take to get there with my partner.”

Abhinava Singh, data scientist
2018 money goal: “Start saving money for grad school, which is a near-term expense that I need certain liquidity for, so investing doesn’t make too much sense.”

Taylor Damiani, graduate student
2018 money goal: “Learn about and start investing.”

Cheney Tsai, technical consultant
2018 money goal: “Buy more Bitcoin.”

Melody Noel, marketing manager
2018 money goal: “Learn more about how to use credit cards to my advantage!”

Sean Lee, vice president of technology investments
2018 money goals: “Buy a house and invest in commercial real estate.”

David Wang, technical account manager
2018 money goals: “Survive my wedding, start reinvesting in my 401(k), put my savings into a portfolio of assets and save toward a down payment on a home — which will be in 5 bajillion years since we live in San Francisco.”

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