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Review: Fantrotter Brings Music Fans Closer to their Favorite Bands

June 17, 2013
Personal Finance
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Fantrotter is a new tool that allows travelling music fans to plan a vacation around a concert.

It’s nerdy, I know. But it’s something some of us do. I, once, for fall break my senior year of college, drove 13 hours to Toronto to see Portishead.

Fantrotter helps fans like me put a dollar-amount on that kind of trip. Included in their price aggregator is:

  • The cost of the ticket.
  • The cost of a flight to the given city (the app pinpoints the closest airport to you)>
  • The cost of a hotel room for a 2-night stay.
  • The cost of renting a car
  • The total of all these costs
  • A sidebar that compares those totals, for each tour date, so you can find the best deal

Alongside those estimates are links to some of the most-popular vacation-bookers, like Expedia and, so you can take care of all your vacation needs in one fell swoop.

Fantrotter’s a nifty tool then, although the user interface isn’t the cleanest. There are too many fonts and colors competing for your attention when a simpler picture would do. But it’s certainly functional. And for music fans who love to dream of seeing their favorite band, Fantrotter puts them one step closer.