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Salesforce: The Social Enterprise

Aug. 2, 2012
Personal Finance
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Who said social networking is just for posting pictures of food and investing far too much time in virtual farming? Salesforce, an enterprise cloud computing company, has taken social networking to the next level. With its transparent interface and number of accessible applications, Salesforce converts the power of social networking into social enterprise—the future of business communication.

Whether it’s across the room or across the nation, Salesforce connects all members of a given company by providing an online community and business interface in which to converse, store files, and post updates on active accounts. Salesforce is proving to be a leader in company-wide communication and efficiency.  They’re covered all the bases when it comes to employee collaboration. After creating an account, you’ll have access to these efficient and essential business tools:

  • Chatter: The Chatter tool allows for instant communication between employees. To avoid filling up each other’s email inboxes with short responses or requests, employees can send a quick chatter message instead.
  • Posts: The Posts function works similar to a Facebook wall—it allows employees to post updates about recent projects, and share documents or relevant links with other employees.
  • Campaigns: This tool is especially useful for planning marketing initiatives. Campaigns are outbound marketing projects that can be monitored from pitch to print. It supports any type of marketing initiative, and can be organized to make data analysis a breeze.
  • Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities: Salesforce’s specialty is making sure there is never overlap or confusion amongst employees or verticals. These three applications are dedicated to outreach efforts, and make for a more streamlined and efficient process for external communication. Leads are potential contacts; when an employee has communicated with a lead, it can be converted into a contact. This ensures that no one will be contacted twice, and a full customer history can be recorded. Opportunities are active/pending sales and deals that are still in the process and can be tracked over time.
  • Reports and Dashboards: The reports section is reserved for tracking a company’s productivity and progress. Files and statistics can be shared, which can create new opportunities for improvement or to show off the great work being done for the company.

Salesforce is rapidly becoming one of the essential tools for any business. With an emphasis on transparency, efficiency, and employee collaboration, Salesforce saves what could accumulate to hours a day of data sharing and communication. By removing the desktop clutter and confusion, Salesforce makes it easy to get your business on the fast track to success.